This question can forever shift our perspective. As I write this on New Year’s Day 2021 (Happy New Year!!!!!) a lot of us have goals on our mind. We set a goal and then work toward it. Simple, done, boom. Or is it? We can spend a ton of time, energy and resources to “meet” our goal. But what happens if we meet it? New goal? Grind at the upkeep of all of our previous goals? What happens if we do not meet it? Que our golden question, what is our relationship to our goals? Why do we pick the goals we pick? Are there themes to our goals? What do we experience in our physical bodies, what thoughts do we think, what emotions come up when we look in the mirror and perceive we have yet to meet our goal? What do we experience in those same areas when we look in the mirror and think we have met our goal? All of the sudden, asking those questions shifts us into an entirely different realm. We can now ask, what do we think this goal is going to provide us? How do we perceive it will change us, our experience, our lives? This realm allows us to look at a more macro picture of how we are relating to this goal. This realm is not better or worse than the realm of trying to meet the goal itself, but it most certainly will impact it. If we understand why a goal is important to us and what we believe it will do/provide/change in our lives and how we experience ourselves with and without the goal met, we may naturally change our relationship to the goal. We may drop goals, set different goals and ultimately, know our power stays with us and not the goal. Try it out and see what happens!